A must-try: Eat Healthy Kaua’i

This place. Oh, how I wish I could do this experience justice, but these words and photos won’t be enough. The food. The setting. The staff. All a perfect embodiment of their home island, and when they come together, it’s something you can’t miss if you’re visiting the Garden Isle.

We ventured here for dinner on our fourth night on Kaua’i, and I wish we’d gone sooner. This little gem is tucked away right off of Kuhio Highway, right before you reach Kapa’a from Lihue, and it’s far enough off the beaten path that you just might miss it if you don’t look closely, but that would be your mistake. This place is adorable, and their “dining room” is a quaint patio with glass pebbles, string lights, fresh flowers and plenty of palms. What more could you want?

Everything we tried was incredible, and I mean every. Single. Thing. We tried the featured appetizer of stuffed mushrooms and the tomato bruschetta as starters, and Jon nearly didn’t let me get to a mushroom, he liked them so much! The bruschetta was perfectly crisp bread with garlicky oil, perfectly ripe tomatoes and a delicious balsamic reduction – perfect after a long day in the sun!

We split the coconut mac nut tofu for dinner, and had a surprise dish as well from the owner, a purple potato samosa with banana chutney. GUYS. The coconut sauce on this tofu, it was unreal. There’s nothing like the taste of a ripe, fresh and local coconut. Mixed with the mac nut crusted tofu, veggies and rice, it was the epitome of a tropical meal that filled us up after a long day at sea… and the samosa! The color was such a beautiful discovery, and the flavor of the banana chutney was the most decadent mix of sweet and savory.

We’re coming back at many times as our schedule will allow until we leave, and honestly, if you’re headed to this island, you need to make it to this spot, whether you’re vegan or not. The food is so fresh, the staff so friendly, and the ambiance so wonderfully Hawaiian, it really is a must-see. Mahalo, Eat Healthy Kaua’i!


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